Light Up Your Yard This Holiday Season

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If you’ve finished decking the halls inside your home, it’s time to showcase some of that twinkling spirit on the outside, too! Lighting up your yard à la Clark Griswold – or perhaps something a little more understated – is a delightful way to usher in even more holiday joy. Looking for inspiration? Keep reading for some fun outdoor lighting ideas that will make your house the star of your neighborhood and an eye-catching treat for all who pass by.
Outdoor Lighting Ideas
Your holiday light display can be as creative or as classic as you wish, and it’s limited only by your imagination. Go all out with flashy, vibrant colors or keep it subtle with a modest, monochromatic scheme – as long as you’re happy with it, it’s a brilliant success. Take some inspiration from these versatile lighting tips and customize to suit your own personal taste.

Holiday light balls – Create a whimsical scene with balls of light scattered across your lawn. This creative look is simple to create by wrapping Christmas lights (in your favorite colors) around balls of chicken wire.
Make a tree of lights – In a spin on the classic front-yard Christmas tree, you can create your own tree made entirely of lights that will be the focal point of your outdoor decor. A pole, string lights, gutter hooks, a tree topper, and light stakes are all you’ll need to make this colorful stunner.
Light up your walkways – Outlining your driveway or the path to your front door with strings of lights is both pretty and functional. Choose your favorite among LED or incandescent bulbs in the colors of your choice. Also available are starlight stakes, bright balls of light designed to line pathways. They come with adjustable-height stakes for ideal placement.
Fancy fences – If your house has a fence that’s just begging for adornment, you have tons of options. Drape garland along the length of the fence, securing bows on the posts. Icicle lights hung along the top of a fence is reminiscent of a wintry display, while a brightly lit snowflake is a lovely way to mark the gate.

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