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We know that your credit history isn’t entirely in your control – life happens. Getting divorced, unexpected medical debt, or big loans can cause your credit to take a dip. We understand, and we won’t hold any of this against you. At Berglund Credit Line, we don’t think that your credit should prevent you from getting behind the wheel of a car you need.

Whether you’ve got bad credit or have a discharged bankruptcy, you still need to drive, and we’ll help make that happen at Berglund Credit Line. When you visit our Roanoke, VA dealership, our customer service team will treat you with respect no matter what your finances look like.

Your job is to find a car you love driving on our lot and our job is to get you approved for the auto loan you need. While our bad credit financing experts work to help you find a loan for your new car, you can enjoy shopping our outstanding lineup of bargain vehicles with peace of mind. We keep our lot stocked with cars of various makes and models – all at a great price – so you have plenty of options for your new vehicle.


When you need a new car, you need it now, and your finances shouldn’t have to get in the way of getting that car. If you’ve found a car you love at Berglund Credit Line, let our team take care of the financing for you – even if you have bad credit. We’ll do everything we can to get you an automotive loan no matter what your credit score is.

The financing team at Berglund Credit Line has experience working with all kinds of financial situations and credit, and they’ll work hard for you, too. Whether you have no credit at all or low credit, our financing team will work relentlessly to find a loan that works within your unique financial situation.

When you shop for a car at Berglund Credit Line, you can rest easy knowing that our financing team will fight the battle for you to ensure you can the financing you need to pay for your new car. Our dedicated team will find the best options available to you, and will communicate with you directly to work out the specific details. We will make sure that you understand and approve of all of the loan’s terms before you sign anything.


If you’ve been thinking about purchasing your next vehicle, but aren’t sure if your credit history will limit your ability to secure financing, don’t worry. At Berglund Credit Line, we understand that making an investment as big as a vehicle purchase can seem daunting to many drivers, especially if their finances and credit are not in great shape. That’s why we offer special financing solutions to work with their unique scenario.

Whenever you reach out to us at Berglund Credit Line, we’ll do whatever it takes to come up with a plan that suits your needs, and you can count on our finance professionals to handle your business with insight and expertise. If you haven’t had much time to build a healthy credit score, or if your credit has seen better days, then our special financing opportunities can help you turn that situation around and claim the car you want.

At Berglund Credit Line, we understand that credit can be impacted by unavoidable circumstances, and all kinds of surprises can come up, even if you budget and plan carefully. From costly incidents to unforeseen expenses, there’s a world of factors that could negatively affect your finances, so we believe that your credit score won’t tell us all there is to know about your potential. When you turn to our team for help, those factors won’t stand in your way.


Don’t let circumstances like divorce finances, bad credit, or absolutely no credit at all set you back from getting behind the wheel of a car that you need and enjoy driving. Instead, come see us at Berglund Credit Line. Our team is experienced at getting loans for people with credit just like yours, and you can be next on our list of success stories.

We all know that credit issues can be extremely stressful, which is why we’ve worked hard to make our financing process as easy as possible – no matter how bad your credit is. When you drive home in your new car with an approved auto loan, you’ll be glad you shopped with us at Berglund Credit Line.


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